i·LogicTM System

An Unmet Clinical Need

As the incidence of lung disease grows in the United States, the challenge of early and accurate diagnosis and treatment of lung lesions is becoming more critical. There is an urgent need for a reliable, minimally invasive tool for accessing lung lesions, especially those located beyond the reach of traditional bronchoscopes.

Peripheral lung lesions are beyond the reach of conventional bronchoscopes.

Although 1 in 500 chest x-rays show a peripheral lesion1, 65% of traditional bronchoscopes fail to reach these distant lesions2. More invasive diagnostic techniques are then necessary, posing a greater potential for complications such as pneumothorax3. Patients with poor lung function may not tolerate more invasive procedures, leaving them with "watchful waiting" as their only option.

Yet, early diagnosis and treatment are crucial for improving survival rates in malignant lung disease. A study determined that lung lesions diagnosed early (Stage I) resulted in a survival rate of 88% at 10 years4. Compare this to lung cancer patients diagnosed at Stage III or IV where survival rates typically are 15% at 5 years5.

The superDimension i·Logic System addresses this unmet medical need by enabling physicians to access peripheral lung lesions and mediastinal lymph nodes with a minimally invasive technique suitable even for patients who cannot undergo more invasive procedures. With the i·Logic System, physicians gain access to distal lesions in a minimally invasive manner.


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