Whether you have an open surgical or a minimally-invasive lung biopsy, the tissue analysis will show if a lung lesion or abnormality is cancerous or non-cancerous.  The lung biopsy results are generally returned within a couple of days of the procedure. Some hospitals have labs on-site so that an immediate diagnosis of the tissue can be made.

Understand that waiting for lung biopsy results can be stressful.  Remember that because many lung lesions are benign, it is important to ask your doctor about using the i·Logic System when diagnosing your lung lesion. It is minimally invasive, it can be used in a broad range of patients and there is no inpatient surgery required.9  Talk to your doctor to learn more about the i·Logic System.

Benign Lung Biopsy Diagnosis
The lung biopsy diagnosis may reveal that a lung lesion is benign (not cancer).  That is great news.  Your doctor will advise you on the proper course of action for your benign lung lesion.

Lung Cancer Diagnosis
It is never easy to prepare yourself for the “C” word.  But a lung cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence.  In fact, if caught early, your chances of surviving lung cancer are good.  In a study published by the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program, investigators determined that lung lesions diagnosed in Stage I resulted in a patient survival rate of 88% at 10 years.10


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